Jul 2, 2013


Christian Dior
Fall 2013 Couture 

Fall couture fashion week is here! can't believe it's been a year since Raf Simons debuted his first collection as Dior creative director, as you might see we followed Raf's journey with Dior since the announcement of Galliano's permanent departure and his replacement with Raf. to be fair and unbiased i try to never compare his era with Galliano's era otherwise i will never like his creations. as a Dior longtime fan i have to look at the new era in a fresh eyes to see the beauty of it.

it seems that Raf gets more comfortable with fabrics each season, unlike his previous collections, this one is rich with different fabrics and textures. it's good to see him stepping up a little. but then again it's not yet a full couture collection! he needs to step out of his comfort zone and take risks to produce a 100% couture collection. it's still slightly a RTW in my opinion. check it out and be the judge:

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