Jan 4, 2013

Celebrity Fashion

Marc Anthony
Fashion Focus

hello GVA readers! Happy New Year hope you're having a great Friday <3 last week we couldn't post our fashion focus post because we were working on other project which will be very exciting we promise! 

this week we decided to focus on the American\ Latin singer & actor Marc Anthony. I've known Marc for years specifically when The Mask Of Zoro first came out back in 1998 i remember falling in love with his ballad soundtrack for the movie, since then i started listening to him. i really appreciate his style i've never seen him looking sloppy! he's always well dressed even while he's in vacation, you'll see what i mean in the pictures below. 

what i love the most is he's embracing that wicked Hispanic mafia style yet he mange to stay classy and bold. i love how he picks his accessories he know exactly what to add and when to wear them.

check out these photos we picked in both public events and candid shots of him:

Public Events

black chic

risky plaid blazer but i liked it! 
classic & elegant

loved the scarf

black chic again

black & white tuxedo do i have to say more?

casual for the VMAs! love it

he likes to wear two-tone tuxedos, it's gorgeous on him

loved the velvet blazer with the scarf

bright colors looks super hot on him

when everyone looked awful in 2004 he manged to look good! lol

he rarely wear casual outfits in public events,
nice to see this for a change!


he made the outfit casual just by unbuttoning his shirt

lined blazers are sexy!

wish i looked like this at airports LOL!

loved the colors together

velvet coat for dinner, marry me please?

looking at this it's a SHAME they're not together anymore
anyway he did stripes justice

white is totally his color

my favorite candid shot, the perfect outfit

preppy Marc

denim chic

formal and comfy, love this look on him

he loves denim! 

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