Dec 21, 2012

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Sami Gayle
Fashion Focus

hello GVA readers! hope you're having a great Friday, apparently we're still alive and the world didn't end LOL anyway today we will be talking about Sami Gayle, 16 years old actress known for CBS drama Blue Bloods.

i don't really know her as an actress but Alex suggested her while we were talking about who we should feature this week, when i saw her i instantly fell in love with her sense of fashion and style i honestly couldn't believe she was only 16! it's sooooo refreshing to see a 16 years old dressing so well! i mean i'm really tired of teenage celebrities dressed like they were covered in glue and rolled over random stuff, teenagers usually worship edgy clothes and spikes and rainbow hair colors and whatever outrageous thing but when it comes to Sami it's totally different, i personally think she will turn into a fashion icon in the next  few years, she's just so glamorous and chic wish i looked like that when i was 16 :P

unfortunately i couldn't find any photos of her street style .. i really wish i see more of her personal and daily style! i bet it will be very interesting! take a look at her public events' style below

Public Events 

i have a thing for tuxedo shorts <3

one of my favorite looks! she's wearing Miu Miu from head to toe 
adding a leather jacket made the look from ordinary to stylish

classy chic, loved the peach color 

edgy pants, loved the pop of pink in her top

don't you just love a dress with a peter pan collar?

very sophisticated and dark 
she totally can pull off leather shorts and leopard prints

in Miu Miu
one of my favorites! loved the colors so much

Victoria Beckham anyone?

grey from head to toe! so effortless and elegant

not a fan of too much velvet but i think it looked great on her

bright colors suits her skin

this is the kind of look that Jessica Biel would wear

how could someone look this GOOD in a grandma type of dress!

i love the dress and the shoes

she know how to add this extra color

the only time she dressed as a teen and it's cute

she really loves Miu Miu!

i'm so in love with the top

i love the simplicity of this look

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