Dec 14, 2012

Celebrity Fashion

Pharrell Williams
Fashion Focus

Pharrell Williams is one of the biggest names in the music business he produced a lot of the hits we listen to constantly. not only he's a music mogul but he also debuted a very successful fashion line in 2005.

as of his fashion style it's mainly preppy with a thuggish twist! esquire magazine voted him as the best dressed man in the world for a reason! what i like about his style that it's not the usual rappers' style at all, in fact it's very classy\preppy but with his own unique touch 

his streetstyle is very normal, no blings no over the top looks, he's simply the guy next door which is something kinda weird giving the fact he's this bigtime producer and singer!

i don't know if it's just me or there aren't enough photos of him online, but i noticed that he re-style his clothes and wears them more than once. Kate Middleton anyone? lol it shows you no matter how famous or how much you have in your bank account it's still okay to wear your clothes more than once. take a look of the photos we collected of him during various occasions:

Public Events

whats a music event without a baseball jacket?

loved the army medals

tuxedo shorts!

preppy chic

that is totally a statement boots

tuxedo shorts again! HOT

loved that he wore those oxfords without socks

classy for vanity fair

thug much?

same sneakers again

chic! love the folded chino

okay this is so MJ and i love it!


very comfy and casual look


bladed dress shirts are boring

leather baby!

god he must love those sneakers!

i love oversized jackets!

boat shoes are always hot

okay he ruined the blazer with this pink shirt and neon shoes

this blazer again but looks better
 though the strips polo is not the best choice

makes me want ice cream lol, loving those pink boat shoes

i have a thing for men in sweaters! very sexy 
cool sneakers i love the color

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