Nov 17, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela For H&M

hello GVA readers! you might noticed that we changed the look of our blog :D hope you guys liked it! so everyone was excited and looking forward for MMM's collaboration with H&M and we were one of those people obviously! i personally was at Kingdom center exactly at 8:30 am on Nov. 15th when i went to H&M the staff were wearing aprons i was honestly thrilled but as i started looking around there wasn't much stuff lol! i was extremely disappointed didn't find what i wanted such as the mirrored scarf and leggings, the oversized turtlenecks and the accessories .. there were a few dresses and trousers and shoes i'm not interested in, i was just wandering around looking like a baby about to cry then one of the staff noted that i can reserve things that are not yet shipped so i waited in line for about 30 minutes and ordered the candy clutch and the watch bracelet. i received a call yesterday to come and pick them up so i went today at morning and i was surprised to see there was some new pieces available! got the tattooed shirt and a silk dress in addition to the stuff i ordered <3 better late than ever haha! 

Alexander trying the watch bracelet

but really i was surprised the collection was very limited, heard Jeddah's were better than here in Riyadh but still Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in the gulf region and yet the collection was available in 2 stores ONLY! one here and one in Jeddah .. plus the men collection was snubbed off entirely!


  1. Your are right in everything you said!
    loved the stuff you got <3