Nov 30, 2012

Celebrity Fashion

Russell Brand
Fashion Focus

hello GVA readers! we decided to add a new category to our blog which is "Celebrity Fashion" we will be focusing on a celebrity every week and talk about their style and fashion choices. this week will be about the English comedian\actor Russell Brand. he cites Alexander McQueen and John Galliano as his designers of choice

as many of you know him, his style is very edgy, he takes major fashion risks and many has crucified his fashion choices but personally i think he can pull anything off i don't know if it's his persona or the way he present himself in but definitely there is something appealing about him. as a music lover particularly rock n' roll i appreciate his boho\70's style. i'm fascinated with this era, i mean the sloppiness, the belts and over accessorizing, the cropped pieces and the messy hair it's just fascinating how this mess turn into something hot and interesting! 

here are some photos of him both in public events and candid shots that shows his style:

Public Events 

some medieval gothic action
very casual

classy for grammys
pirate much?


rock star!
now this is edgy 
a hot mess

very elegant

hippie glam
the badass rock star kind of look
screams 70's

leather and a fedora

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