Oct 4, 2012

Anna Dello Russo At H&M
October 4th, 2012

hello everyone! we've been waiting for AdR H&M collection since its announcement back in May and it's finally here <3 we went to Riyadh Kingdom Center today at 9 am, i was expecting a lot of people but surprisingly it was so quite and peaceful i got to try everything from sunglasses to shoes to accessories. we really loved how the golds are mixed with turquoise it's so unique, here are some photos from today

and this is our goodies

Loved the packaging! 


  1. شريت اللي ابيه لكن للأسف ما لقيت سويرة التركواز اللي صورتيها. خلصوا بسرعة مع اني وصلت بدري :"( بس خذت الثاني اللي كله ذهبي هع.

    1. خسارة ما لقيتي! انا صراحة قعدت ادور بين الصناديق الين ما لقيتها من حظي :P

      بس شي حلو انك اشتريتي كل اللي كنتي تبينه ^^ اعرف ناس راحوا ولا لقوا شي مساكين لول