May 24, 2012

boutique review \ Riyadh


a few days ago Longchamp opened their first store in Riyadh at Panorama Mall, i went there today to check it out ( i got to sneak a peek last Monday before its official opening)

it's really nice and they have a great collection but sadly i didn't get to take more photos it was pretty crowded

as you know Longchamp is famous for the le pliage totes so i got me one for 390 SR .. i thought it's really cool for when i travel or to carry the daily work stuff

le pliage totes are inspired by the Japanese folding art "Origami" which i thought very cool! i love making origamis i might post about it sometimes :P

i also got the 60th anniversary book and a cute little bag as a gift when Sawsen AlFaraj showed me around the store the other day. she's such a sweet lovely person <3

i really enjoyed the book it's a reflection of decades of not only the products but a family heritage as well ..  it's very insightful and made me appreciate the history of the brand more and more. cause it started as family business and it remained that way which makes it more valuable and meaningful at least for me cause i appreciate the strong family bond.  

if you wanna know more about the brand go get Hia magazine - May issue they wrote a brief article about the brand and its history

Longchamp is simply an affordable luxury .. the prices are very reasonable and the collection is pretty awesome visit their website if you were in Riyadh go check it out you won't regret it.

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