Apr 9, 2012

OFFICIAL: Dior Replaces John Galliano with Raf Simons

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a few months ago there was rumors that Raf Simons will leave Jill Sander fashion house for dior now the news is official:

On Wednesday, the Paris fashion house will announce that Raf Simons will take over immediately as artistic director, replacing John Galliano, who was fired from Dior last year following anti-Semitic remarks. His first collection is planned for July at the fall haute couture shows.
The choice of Mr. Simons follows more than a year of discussions and apparent soul searching by Dior and its boss, Bernard Arnault, who is chairman of LVMH, about the ideal person to give creative direction to the 66-year-old luxury brand.

it's a very smart move by dior cause since Galliano's scandal their collections were not as impressive as was expected. but still Galliano is the soul of Dior at least for me! but let's wait and see what Simons have for Dior


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