Mar 24, 2012

DIY: Olodum T-Shirt 

for quite a while i wanted the Olodum shirt .. it's a Brazilian cultural group that fights for civil rights through music .. drums to be specific they're best known for their collaboration with Michael Jackson in "They Don't Care About Us" music video which was shot in Brazil back in 1995

MJ rocking the OLODUM shirt like a boss
it's available on eBay but a friend advised me not to buy it cause the shirt fabric was pretty cheap .. so i went to Iconic and bought this cotton v-neck white T-Shirt for 30 SR only! then i went to a store that prints on shirts for 25 SR pretty awesome huh? :P

i wanted a bigger print but the only size available was A4, i guess it looks nice this way giving the fact that it costed me 55 SR only (14$)

can't wait to wear it!!